ANY Loves Connections Milan

ANY is taking part to CONNECTIONS in Milan next October18th in Fondazione Feltrinelli from 11am to 7pm. 

LE BOOK, the international reference for fashion, photography, and advertising edit CONNECTIONS: the first and only custom-made tradeshow for Les Creatives worldwide. CONNECTIONS welcomes a microcosm of the arbiters in taste; the best in image-creation worldwide. A link between the most prominent artist representatives and an audience of the top global decision-makers: brand managers, creative and art directors, photo and fashion directors, and image and communication executives.

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WatchTime New York – America’s Luxury Watch ShowWatchTime New York – America’s Luxury Watch ShowWatchTime New York – America’s Luxury Watch Show
WatchTime New York – America’s Luxury Watch Show


WatchTime New York, America’s Luxury Watch Show, in New York City on October 26th and 27th, 2018.

ANY design & produce Omega's booth for this season. 


Louis Roederer

Cristal Global Launch 2008.

From Paris to New York, ANY designed & produced the international launch of the Louis Roederer Millesime.

Rochas Pop-up store

ANY design & produce the first parisian pop-up store for the french Rochas house. 


Conception, design & integration
Photographic & video credits
Showreel Artistic Direction: Benoît Robert - Showreel Post production @hrcls: Christopher Thiery, Benoit Dunaigre, Yann Dubois, Louise Trojani - Showreel Music: Tim Paris - Photographs: Jean-Pierre Llopis, Romain Bourven, Philippe Barbosa, Marc Ausset, Nikolaz le Coq