Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere.
« I can go anywhere for something new. »
David Bowie

Founded by Johann Roux and Julie Elbaz in 2006, ANY leverages its expertise in a wide range of fields including luxury, fashion, beauty and jewellery. Transposing a vision, enriching it, testing it out in reality, finding the most effective way to reflect corporate identity and core brand value. These are just some of the challenges we rise to for each and every client.



The studio was originally founded as an events organiser, and we have extensive expertise in all aspects of events management, from layout to the tiniest details of production. We have in-depth technical know-how in set construction, lighting, sound and video, and are able to provide a powerful and meaningful experience for event attendees.


Our design studio designs retail spaces, from permanent shops to showrooms and pop-up stores. A N Y looks after all stages of the process, from design to planning and construction: our expertise and involvement every step of the way means we can deliver premium quality results every time.


Now an essential feature that complements our other work, digital content figures strongly in our portfolio of expertise, whether it be integrated into the concept for an event or designed for communication platforms: Website conception, Digital film campaign creation, Motion design.

Art Direction

In addition to events design, we produce guidelines on how to use and apply creative concepts, as well as press kits, press releases, invitations and catalogues that both enrich and reflect artistic initiatives.


Members of the A N Y team have always shared a love of music. It has become an important part of what we do, as we seek out emerging talent and reach out to well-known artists for performances at events or to create specific sound environments. A N Y also designs bespoke musical programmes on a whole range of media.

Art District

One of A N Y's major new services is connecting brands with artists so that the latter support the former via a range of different initiatives. This might include an ambassador programme, special limited editions of artworks, or using an image for licencing and co-branding purposes. A N Y provides support throughout the process-identifying a personality, offering strategic advice, carrying out market surveys, managing the marketing side, helping with negotiations and drafting contracts.


Conception, design & integration
Photographic & video credits
Showreel Artistic Direction: Benoît Robert - Showreel Post production @hrcls: Christopher Thiery, Benoit Dunaigre, Yann Dubois, Louise Trojani - Showreel Music: Tim Paris - Photographs: Jean-Pierre Llopis, Romain Bourven, Philippe Barbosa, Marc Ausset, Nikolaz le Coq, Valenton Le cron, Virgile Guinard