Collection launch

Paper was used to create a fluid, undulating set: an intricate monumental layering of pure white paper made up of a combination of featherlight origami sculptures and cutouts floating in mid-air. Seven unique pieces were presented to guests in an immaculate sculptural structure, at two special dinners.

  • Client : 
    De Beers
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Conception, design & integration
Photographic & video credits
Showreel Artistic Direction: Benoît Robert - Showreel Post production @hrcls: Christopher Thiery, Benoit Dunaigre, Yann Dubois, Louise Trojani - Showreel Music: Tim Paris - Photographs: Jean-Pierre Llopis, Romain Bourven, Philippe Barbosa, Marc Ausset, Nikolaz le Coq, Valenton Le cron, Virgile Guinard